If your 4D number fall into position A, means you have 3 types of winning possibilities

The First & Only One Live 4D Lottery in Asia!

Being a leader of Asian's Lottery provider, we strive to surprise you with Creative, Exciting and Energetic features, and we created 'Bonus Jackpot' specially for our loyal players.

The "Bonus Jackpot" is among the most creative bonus system invented by LOTTO4D Lottery till date, our accumulating bonus system not only gives every player a higher chance to win extra Bonus but also cumulate for the next bonus winner, making you a bigger winner every day!

How It Works?



Before the drawing end, we have total 13 position (from A to M) for Special Prizes, and we fixed position A as the "Bonus Position".



In the stage of drawing the 1st, 2rd and 3rd prizes, if A is drawn in the 3rd prize, then the player will win the "SMALL Bonus".

If the A being drawn to 2nd prize,mean you have strike our "BIG Bonus".

Lastly, if A being drawn into 1st prize, mean you have strike our "SUPER Bonus".