Royal7 Lottery, the first and biggest live 4 Digits (4D) lottery provider in Asian. Being a leader of Asian's Lottery provider, Royal7 is committed to gives Cambodian the most transparent and secured live lottery game! We exist to change lives, and to give every one a chance to release their dreams. Our games are fun and exciting, and continuously to maintain player's welfare, high standards and honesty in our DNA.
We at Royal7 are committed to create the best live 4D lottery product for our Asian players. To ensure our gaming responsibilities, every single result is generated live and openly from our main casino lobby, and it's transparent to everyone who visiting our casino resort, or simply turn on your smartphone to watch our live streaming results drawing.
Royal7 is exploring every possibilities in modernizing the convention lottery business in more innovative and creative way, as to meet the higher demand of entertainment to change their lives!
A world-class internet streaming Numbers Forecast Totalizator provider in Cambodia.
We're providing safe, modern, and transparent lottery business to Cambodia.

Innovative design

Most creative lottery machines in the market
Live streaming of lottery drawing directly from our casino Royal7 Resort in Cambodia
Granted the license to operate gaming tables, slot machines, and online gaming activates
Locating at the main lobby of casino, 100% transparency to the public

Localization Strategy

In order to serve our clients better, Royal7 strives to build its own dedicated local business and technical team across ASIA countries. Localization of business model has always been the top priority for lottery business, hence we are providing full customization products and technical requirements that best suits your existing business!

Apart from this, we also provide the most localized payment channel to facilitate your business credit and user winning payment.

Currently, we have established 4 local teams segregated in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Taking this opportunity, we thank you for showing your interest in Royal7 Lottery. For further questions pertaining to our organizations and products, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the appropriate contacts information.

Why Royal7

We exist to make a greater lottery game in changing the live for Asian! Our lifetime slogan - One Dollar One Dream! Every day Royal7 gives everyone in Asian a chance to dream.

As per today, we have handling out millions dollars of prizes to our winners, and help millions of peoples to realise their dream. By simply playing Royal7 games, you help support thousands of grants for not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities, as well as health, sports and arts sectors through our statutory funding.
Royal7, wholly owned by Dai Long Company Limited, a licensed casino located in Chreythom, Kandal province, Kingdom of Cambodia, and having complied with all Casino Zoning Requirements to operate lottery betting, as well as gaming tables, slot machines, online gaming and etc.
Every day we help MILLIONS of people across the Asian countries to achieve their dreams! Hence, we are the largest 4D operator in term of daily active users. Of course, we are the FRIST one to digitalise the conventional way of drawing 4D games and make thousands of our audience to become the judges of our game. We broadcast and transparent everything online.
Royal7 is committed to put Cambodia on the map of global lottery! We are here to make the most creative, transparent, and secured lottery game. Today, Royal7 has recognised as one of the most creative and innovative lottery providers in Asia.
Beside our games are fun and exciting, but maintaining the highest transparency and honesty is always our key to success. It's our policy to convince every online user, and to making sure our lottery result is 100% transparent and real time to our users.